Gifts for Bird Lovers- Discover and share the coolest and funniest new Parrot tricks and outrageous real-life stories

If you are looking for great gifts for bird lovers, here is one gift for bird lovers that you can’t go wrong with. It is called Parrot Secrets and you can purchase it in the form of an instant download by clicking for bird lovers

Parrot Secrets is one of those unique gifts for bird lovers or bird owners in your life and if you give this to them, they are sure to love you for it.

For one, Parrot Secrets is unique and different, and two, it will help them immeasurably with looking after their pet parrots of any type.

What is Parrot Secrets and Why is it on Top of my Gift Ideas For Bird Lovers?

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Inside ‘Parrot Secrets’ You Can Learn:

  • How To Teach Your Parrot To Talk
  • Teach Your Parrot To Fly
  • How To Make Your Parrot Perform Any Tricks “On Command”
  • The Bird Training Secrets To Quickly Stop Your Parrot From Biting, Screaming and Feather Plucking!
  • Tricks to keeping your parrot healthy and its plumage beautiful.
  • Potty train your parrot.

“Want An Amazing Collection Of Professional Parrot Training Secrets To Honestly Work Bird Miracles?”

The problem with most types of bad parrot behavior is that if you don’t know how to handle the behavior, your bird will just get worse and worse over time.

Do you make these common mistakes with your Parrot?

1. Yelling at your Parrot to “SHUT UP” when it screams
2. Over-reacting and shouting “OOOH”, “AAAH” or “OUCH” whenever it bites
3. Giving your Parrot only seeds to eat
4. Placing the cage near the window overlooking the garden
5. Putting your Parrot above chest level
6. Having a single perch in your Parrot’s cage
7. Placing the food and water bowls just beneath the perch
8. Placing your new Parrot on your shoulders…

Even if you are doing only one of the above, you are inadvertently snowballing bad bird behavior.

Did you know that you can correct your parrot handling techniques to become a perfect parrot parent in just 15 days?

Who Wrote The Parrot Secrets Package?

Natalie Roberts is the author of this package, and she has over 12 years of experience with all sorts of parrots.

Natalie Roberts story with birds started about 13 years ago when her friend had an Amazon parrot show up mysteriously on his balcony one for bird lovers

He offered the parrot a cracker which he wolfed down and then he took the parrot in as he felt sorry for it.  He kept the parrot roaming free in his house as he didn’t own a cage and he tried to locate an owner by putting ads in the local paper.  In the end be became an unexpected parrot owner as he never did find the original owners.

The parrot was named Polygon and it had a vocabulary of note, but he kept asking for pot seeds. He began to wonder if the ex-owners of the bird were feeding it marijuana. Unfortunately, the bird also had some other unfavorable vocabulary, which caused great embarrassment when guests came around.

Natalie fell in love with parrots when she heard Polygon saying ‘whoa baby! light my fire!’ She never imagined that birds could be so charming and funny.

She started to get her own parrots and learned lots of hard lessons while learning how to train them. But over the years she has gathered hundreds of trick and tips to help keep parrots healthy and happy. She gladly shares these in Parrot Secrets.  She is passionate about parrots and she wants you to have the happiest, healthiest and funniest parrots that you can possibly have.

Owning a parrot isn’t all fun and games, as there are loads of challenges involved when training them, including bloody fingers and ringing eardrums from all the noise, especially if your parrot is a constant screamer. Some birds even scream at night, which doesn’t bode well with your sleep patterns, not to mention the disgruntled neighbours.

It is no fun when those beaks that were designed to crack open hard nuts get around your fingers, ears or other body parts.

So What Will Parrot Secrets Do and Why Is It One Of those Great Gifts For Bird Lovers?

Parrot Secrets is one of those great gifts for bird lovers, as it will show you easy ways to STOP and PREVENT ANY Alfred Hitchcock style feathered nightmares. Parrot Secrets will show you how you too can own a loving, talking, playful feathered family pet.

I haven’t managed to find any bad reviews about this product, and have just purchased it for myself.

For an amazing price of $39,95 at the time of writing this post you can download the following included in parrot secrets instantly:


How to Get Your Parrot To Talk and Do Astonishing Tricks.


How To Get Your Parrot To Love You (Fix your Parrot‘s behavioral problems – BitingScreaming, etc… with expert Parrot training info).


A Happy Parrot Diet… Important Tips And Warnings


How To Choose Your First Parrot Wisely… Tips And Warnings


SPECIAL BONUS #1 eBook: How To Keep Your Parrot Radiantly Healthy

SPECIAL BONUS #2 “Parrot Secrets™

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If you are a parrot owner, you should know that your bird is not just a pretty decoration for your living space, but can become a member of your family with some loving interaction, care and attention.  The training tips in Parrot Secrets will help you to strengthen your bond with your parrot in ways that you won’t imagine.