can hamster eat marshmallows?(Plus What Not to Feed Them)

What is a hamster’s favorite food? Do they like marshmallows? In this post, we’ll explore what hamsters eat and whether or not they love marshmallows.

Spoiler alert: they don’t! Keep reading to learn more about these little creatures and how to make sure they’re getting the best nutrition possible.

Marshmallows are a sweet, fluffy treat that has been around since the turn of the last century. They’re usually made from water enriched with sugar and gelatin – but some recipes also call for eggs!

The finished product will look like small sponges or cylinders coated in corn starch to give it its signature shiny finish.

Whether you prefer your tasting sweet tooth straight up on top with no added flavors whatsoever; embedded inside another dessert-like principle such as ice cream…or encased within crispy chocolate chip cookie dough coating.

So can hamsters eat marshmallows at all?

No, it’s not safe for hamsters to eat them. They’re just too sweet and will give their stomach an upset if they do happen upon some in the wild!

Most hamsters also seem anxious about having anything near or resembling a marshmallow- so avoid giving these away as well unless you know what kind of animal has been handling your pet (and please let us know).

Hamsters love sweet things! They can’t eat them though because it’s far too sugary for their taste.

If you were to give a hamster some marshmallow treats, they’d most likely get sick from eating too many at once and then your pet may end up with an upset stomach or even worse: diabetes caused by excess sugar consumption in the form of snacks such as cookies/packaged foods, etc…


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